Elderly Texas Man and Dog Rescued from Truck after Hurricane Patricia [Video]

elderly man and dog rescued hurricane patricia

After Hurricane Patricia swept across Mexico and became a tropical storm, it brought massive flooding to Texas. The town of Corsicana was especially hard hit — over 18 inches of rain fell overnight Friday, causing a freight train to derail and the need for many people to be rescued from flooded areas, including an elderly man and his dog who were trapped in a pickup truck.

The man and small white dog were trapped for four hours, James Reed, a firefighter with Corsicana Fire Rescue, told the Telegraph.

When three emergency responders from the Texas Task Force and the Corsicana Fire Rescue arrived by a Washington County EMS raft, the level of the swift-moving water had almost reached the top of the truck’s windows.

The rescuers had difficulty spotting the truck in the darkness, but, fortunately, the man saw their flashlights.

In a video taken by Reed, a rescuer first plucks the dog from the truck’s cab. The dog runs excitedly around the raft and looks anxiously at the truck as the rescuer slowly pulls out the elderly man.

As the man sits in the raft, his dog hops into his lap and gives him a big kiss.

The man was taken to a hospital, according to the Telegraph.

If heavy rains should occur where you live, never drive your car on a flooded road. As the National Weather Service warns, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

Hooray for these heroes!

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