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Firefighters Rush Dog Injured in Car Crash to Animal Hospital

firefighters rush dog to animal hospital

If you’re going to be involved in a rollover crash with your dog beside you in your vehicle, one of the best places to end up would be near firefighters in a fire station, right? That’s exactly what happened to…
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Elderly Florida Man Rescues Golden Retriever from Alligator

elderly man saves dog from alligator

As Buddy Ackerman was out for predawn walk in Palm Harbor, Fla., earlier this week with Oso, his daughter’s Golden Retriever, an 8-foot-long alligator slithered out from a retention pond and snatched Oso. Ackerman was using a retractable leash to…
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Sacramento Police Dispatcher Adopts Shelter Dog Who Comforted Him after Tragedy

As she stood watch over a woman packing her things to leave during a domestic disturbance call, Officer Tara O’Sullivan with the Sacramento Police Department (SPD) was ambushed by Adel Sambrano Ramos, who shot and killed her. O’Sullivan was only…
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