Dogs Saved After Falling into Frozen Texas Swimming Pools

Dog saved after falling into frozen Texas swimming pool

During the freezing weather in Texas last week, two dogs were rescued after they fell into swimming pools. Here are their stories.

Neighbor’s Dog Alerts Family to Yellow Lab Who Fell in Pool

If not for the barking of Leo, a neighbor’s dog, this story of a yellow Lab named Zoya would very likely have had a tragic ending.

Zoya and her family were staying with those neighbors after a pipe burst in their Southlake, Texas, house during the freezing weather there. As Zoya was sniffing out the unfamiliar backyard last Wednesday, she wandered onto the surface of the frozen swimming pool — and plunged through the ice into the freezing water.

As Zoya struggled to get out, Leo immediately started barking. Zoya’s dog dad, Rajat Sharma, heard the commotion and rushed out to his dog, falling through the hole himself. Fortunately, Zoya wasn’t far from the pool’s edge and Sharma was able to lift her out to safety.

“What I knew was that I got to go in and get her, right?” Sharma told CBS DFW. “I was trying to tread lightly, but in the back of my mind I knew that if it couldn’t take her weight, it definitely won’t take mine.”

Sharma was also helped out of the pool by a family member. The scary incident was captured on a security camera.

Based on what happened, Sharma has an important warning for all pet parents: Keep a close eye on your dog outdoors, especially in freezing weather.

“That ice is still out there and it’s probably starting to melt, and you know it’s dangerous,” he told CBS DFW. “Your pups are just like your kids. Just make sure there’s somebody around to get to them if trouble comes knocking.”

8-Year-Old Girl Rescues 90-Pound Dog Who Fell in Pool

Amelia Cipriano was playing in the snow in her Austin backyard Feb. 15 when her dog, Cooper, suddenly lost his footing and fell into the swimming pool.

The 8-year-old girl immediately ran to the pool’s edge and, thanks to adrenaline, managed to pull her 90-pound dog to safety.

“Amelia was pumped that she saved Cooper’s life, and Cooper was pumped that he got to go for a ‘swim,’” Amelia’s dad, Ron Cipriano, told WSVN. “He obviously loves the water.”

Both Amelia and Cooper are doing fine. Cooper hasn’t left his hero’s side since the incident, Cipriano said.

Cooper’s rescue was captured on the family’s home surveillance camera. Brava, Amelia!

Here’s how you can help Texas animal rescue groups and shelters impacted by the freezing weather.

Photo: CBSDFW/YouTube

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