This ‘Gardener Retriever’ Is Ready to Drive a Lawn Mower

texas dog on lawn mower

At least one dog in Malakoff, Texas, seemed pretty unfazed after a tornado swept through the town Tuesday.

As a KYTX news crew was surveying the damage during a live broadcast, they came across a Labrador Retriever sitting in the driver’s seat of a lawn mower, appearing ready to take care of the lawn.

“Look at that dog!” said reporter Andrea Martinez, giggling as the camera zoomed in on the pooch.

“While reporting on storms in Malakoff, I spotted a pup ready to start the clean-up!” she wrote on Twitter.

Apparently taking the driver’s seat is becoming trendy for Labs. Last weekend, as his dog dad shopped at a mini-market, a Lab was behind the wheel of their semi-trailer as it careened across a street and into a tree and parked car. Fortunately no one was hurt.

As for the mower-driving Lab, KYTX had an update on its Facebook page Tuesday: “He charges $30/hour for his lawn service.”

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Photo via Facebook

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