LOL: Dachshund Photobombs Engagement Photo

dachshund photobombs engagement photo

Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe, who are getting married in December, wanted to include Louie, their 6-year-old Dachshund, in their engagement photo since he is, after all, part of their family.

“It just made sense to have him in the pictures because he’s our dog,” Determan told WCCO.

As the St. Paul, Minn., couple posed with Louie in a pile of autumn leaves for photographers Dan and Karin Berdal of DnK Photography, apparently the Dachshund decided he should be the focus of the picture, and jumped in front of Determan and Klute.

“I knew he was going to be in the shot,” Kluthe told WCCO. “I didn’t know he was that much in the shot.”

But Louie’s photobomb wasn’t all that surprising to the couple. They said he’s pretty much the alpha at home.

“Anytime I go to touch Chris, he’s like, ‘No, I want to be pet,’” Determan said.

Photographer Karin Berdal told WCCO that normally a photo with someone’s face blocked — as Kluthe’s is in this shot — would be rejected. But not in this case.

“I thought it was hysterical off the bat, but I had no idea it would become what it’s become,” she said.

“One-in-a-million sounds a little dramatic because we didn’t take a million pictures, but it’s not every day you get a shot like that.”

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