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Rescued Pit Bull Mama Nurses Orphaned Poodle Puppies

pit bull mix annie nurses poodle puppies

A young, very pregnant Pit Bull mix was dumped at a high-kill Los Angeles County shelter last month — something that happens way too often.

Fortunately, instead of being euthanized, the mother-to-be was taken in by The Ark Animal Rescue, a non-profit based in Oceanside, Calif., that saves the lives of pets from these types of shelters as well as from other desperate situations.

Last month the Pittie mix, now named Annie, gave birth to five healthy puppies in her foster home.

A few weeks later, The Ark Animal Rescue happened to take in four Poodle puppies whose mother had died.

“Our amazeballs foster decided to see if mama Annie would help out in a pinch!” the rescue wrote on its Facebook page Tuesday.

“Guess what…she took on the pups in a heartbeat. Dogs surprise us every day and this was a special moment. Funny to see a Pittie mix take on some orphaned, furry fuzzball Poodles.”

Here’s a photo of three of Annie’s biological puppies and one of the surrogates. “One of these babes is not like the other (yes, this is us…breaking out in song)!” The Ark Animal Rescue wrote in the caption.

pit bull mix annie nursed poodle puppies

All of the puppies and their mom will soon be available for adoption. For more information and an application, email shalee@thearkanimalrescue.org.

“It is a true testament to this loving and special breed,” The Ark Animal Rescue wrote on its Facebook page today.

Speaking of loving and special, in Texas earlier this year, an abandoned Pit Bull was found nursing a two-day-old kitten. The two, named Pitty and Kitty, were taken in by Dallas Dogrrr–Rescue.Rehab.Reform. and adopted together.

Photos via Facebook

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