Pitty and Kitty She Nursed Will Get a Forever Home Together

pit bull nurses kitten

A volunteer with Dallas Dogrrr–Rescue.Rehab.Reform. thought she was only rescuing a starving Pit Bull who’d been dumped by the side of a Dallas road last week. But an employee at a nearby junkyard told her the dog, who had recently had puppies, was nursing a two-day-old kitten who had also been abandoned.

Sure enough, when the volunteer found the kitten and brought her to the Pit Bull, the dog immediately cleaned her as she would one of her own puppies, and began nursing her.

The volunteer took them to Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas, where the pair is now under the care of Dr. Rick Hamlin.

The Pit Bull “had been nursing the kitten and had just dried up,” Dr. Hamlin told ABC News. He said the kitten would have died within a day, and the timing of the Dallas Dogrrr volunteer finding them was “the stars aligning.”

The dog and kitten, who both happen to be black and white, have been named Pitty and Kitty (although Dallas Dogrrr refers to them as Wilma and Pebbles on their Facebook page).

Dr. Hamlin takes Kitty home at night to bottle-feed her. The first night he removed her from the cage she shares with Pitty, the Pit Bull started howling. “It was the first vocalization she made since she arrived,” he told ABC News.

When Kitty was returned to their cage the next morning, Pitty “cleaned and cleaned and cleaned” her, Dr. Hamlin said. “It was a tremendous reunion.”

He told ABC News, “Pitty adopted Kitty and provided maternal needs for Kitty. Hysteria around Pit Bulls is exactly that.” Right on, doctor!

The pair will only be adopted together. According to Mercy Animal Clinic’s Facebook page, Pitty and Kitty “have a potential adopter who lives very close!”

Dallas Dogrrr was in the news earlier this month for rescuing a dog who lead them through the woods to a mother dog and their puppies. To help them continue their great work saving abandoned animals, you can make a donation via their new gofundme.com page.

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