Losers Break into San Bernardino Shelter and Set Dogs Free

two dogs stolen from San Bernardino shelter

Less than two months after Jason Johnson broke into the Riverside County Animal Services shelter and set dogs loose, two other losers attempted to do the same at another Southern California shelter.

A surveillance video shows a white sedan pulling up to the City of San Bernardino Animal Control shelter around 7 p.m. last night, the San Bernardino Sun reports. A man and young boy got out of the car and cut through a chain link fence to get inside the shelter.

Just as Johnson had done in Riverside, the man cut through locks on several kennels and set the dogs free. Seven minutes later, he and the boy drove off with one of the dogs, a male, brown-and-white Pit Bull mix.

Another dog, a red Mastiff mix named Lobo, escaped from the shelter. When employees arrived this morning and discovered the break-in, Lobo was in the parking lot. Unfortunately, the employees were unable to catch him and he remains missing.

“Obviously you never know what the intent is of someone coming into a facility like this to take animals,” Lt. Rich Lawhead of the San Bernardino Police Dept. told KTLA. “Are they taking it because they want their animal back, or do they have more malicious intent with the animal? That’s a very serious concern.”

The Pit Bull mix had been brought to the shelter Oct. 29, the Sun reports. Police officers contacted the dog’s previous owner, who did not have the dog. KNBC reports that investigators said they had a possible lead concerning the dog.

The five other dogs who had been set loose were accounted for and unharmed.

Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to call the San Bernardino Police Dept. at 909-384-5742.

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