This Dog Who Can ‘Say Cheese’ on Command Won’t Be Homeless for Long

herbert dog says cheese

Herbert has a very charming skill: The 5-month-old Pit Bull mix can show his pearly whites when told to “Say cheese.”

Herbert is temporarily homeless, but since his video has been viewed over 10.8 million times on Facebook, it’s extremely likely he’ll have a forever home soon.

say cheese

Posted by Amanda Robles on Saturday, January 9, 2016


“This little rock star will be up for adoption in about two weeks,” wrote his foster mom, Amanda Robles, in a Facebook post. “He’s such a sweet boy and always wants to sleep in your lap. Now that he made u laugh, help find him a home!”

Herbert will be available later this month from PAWS Chicago. Hopefully the potential adopters who don’t end up with this particular rock star will consider another charming homeless dog from this rescue, or any other rescue or shelter across the country.

As PAWS Chicago wrote on its Facebook page, “For folks outside of the Illinois area, check your local shelter for a pet who will give you years of happiness, even if they can’t share a cheesy grin.”

Photo via Facebook

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