After Botched Mercy Killing, Homeless Dog Rises from Grave

Sara Mellado and Theia, dog who rose from grave

Theia, a 1-year-old Pit Bull mix, showed up one day last month at a Washington farm. She was emaciated, battered and covered in dirt, yet still wagging her tail. If dogs could talk, the farmers might not believe the story she told them.

The stray, who was known by almost everyone around Moses Lake, had been hit by a car four days earlier. In a misguided mercy killing, someone hit Theia in the head multiple times with a hammer, then buried her in a shallow grave.

When Sara Mellado of Moses Lake read about Theia’s ordeal on Facebook, she decided to become her foster mom.

Theia was taken to Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital and treated for a dislocated jaw, nasal bone fractures and leg injuries.

The veterinarians believe Theia’s nasal fractures, which make it difficult for her to breathe, were a result of hammer blows to her head.

“I’m assuming that the person who did this meant to put her out of her misery, but I’m still horrified by the carelessness of the act,” Mellado told WSU News.

theia dog rose from grave

Theia’s dislocated jaw is healing nicely, but to help her breathing, she will need to have a stent surgically implanted in her nose.

To help defray the cost of the surgery, WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Good Samaritan Fund is contributing $700. More than $1,100 has been raised as of Tuesday morning via the Help Theia page. Mellado notes that the surgery and treatment may cost more than $9,000.

Despite Theia’s injuries, ever since she arrived at WSU, her tail has not stopped wagging. She enjoys giving smooches to everyone she meets.

“Considering everything that she’s been through, she’s incredibly gentle and loving,” Mellado told WSU News. “She’s a true miracle dog and she deserves a good life.”

Photos via WSU News

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