‘Pawculus’ is First-Ever Virtual Reality Game for Dogs

pawculus rift virtual reality for dogs

“The Pawculus Rift is going to revolutionize the dog gaming industry. Mainly, because there isn’t one,” said Eric Webster, vice president of technology for marketing studio Cramer, in an announcement today about the company’s unique new virtual-reality (VR) game.

Dubbed “the future of fetch,” Pawculus will make dogs think they are actually running around a dog park, when in reality they’re sitting on couches next to their lazy pet parents.

“Our past R&D cycle was focused heavily on discovering the brand experiences made possible through VR technology,” said Brent Turner, vice president of solutions. “One thing kept coming up in our research. There were virtual gaming options for nearly every demographic out there, yet an important market remained untapped: dogs.”

A focus group of dogs helped developers determine what scene would be featured in the game. (The dog park narrowly won out over the beach.)

Also currently in the works is a “cone of shame” extension for the Pawculus headset. “It keeps their mind off the stitches,” explained Joe Lovett, vice president of strategic planning.

pawculus virtual reality for dogs cone extension

Happy April Fools Day!

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