Stolen Dog’s GPS Collar Leads to Arrest of Thief

Kazoo's GPS collar helped locate the stolen dog.

A car thief in Pasadena, Calif., didn’t just steal a vehicle last week. He also stole Kazoo, a dog that happened to be inside the car when the crime occurred.

Fortunately for Kazoo, he was wearing a GPS tracker [affiliate link] on his collar that allowed Pasadena and Los Angeles police officers to locate him along with the thief near the Los Angeles International Airport, about 30 miles from Pasadena.

The car/dog thief was arrested and taken into custody — not only for stealing that particular vehicle, but also for another stolen vehicle he had left behind that day in Pasadena. Cool dude!

Kazoo was unharmed and returned to his owner.

“This is the story of how Kazoo the dog helped us arrest a car thief,” the Pasadena Police Department wrote on its Instagram.

The main selling point of GPS collars is that their global positioning satellite technology can help you locate your pet should they ever escape from your home or otherwise become lost. As Kazoo’s case shows, they can also prove to be very helpful in nabbing criminals!

Photo: pasadenpd/Instagram

Laura Goldman

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