French Bulldogs Rescued from China Available for Adoption Soon

French Bulldogs rescued from China available for adoption

If you love French Bulldogs but don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to buy a purebred, you may be in luck: Frenchies rescued from China arrived in the Los Angeles area yesterday and will soon be ready for forever homes.

Because of Covid restrictions, the 21 dogs had to wait a year to be transported to the United States.

“I got a phone call telling me that if they didn’t get out in the next couple of weeks they wouldn’t be able to get out, because they’re all short-nose dogs,” Melissa Bacelar, CEO of Wagmor Pets, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Valley Village, Calif., told CBSLA yesterday. (Most airlines don’t allow short-nosed dogs like Frenchies, Pugs or Boxers to fly in the cargo area during the summer because of potential breathing problems.)

According a post on the Wagmor Pets Facebook page, the Frenchies were bred in terrible conditions and then rescued from the meat trade.

“I thought it seemed completely ridiculous that a bunch of Frenchies were stuck in the middle of Asia when here in California people are getting assaulted for their Frenchies,” Bacelar told CBSLA.

She may have been referring to Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dogwalker, who in February was shot in the chest by thieves who stole two of Gaga’s French Bulldogs. Fischer fortunately survived, the dogs were safely returned, and the criminals were caught and are facing serious charges.

Because French Bulldogs are so popular and expensive, dognappings have been on the rise. To help protect these dogs, Brandi Hunter, vice president of public relations and communications at the American Kennel Club, told CNN that owners should spay or neuter them, get them microchipped, not leave them alone outdoors and not disclose any identifying information about them on social media.

The Frenchies rescued by Wagmor Pets will be available for adoption after they’re microchipped and have received all their shots. “Please keep in mind that many of the dogs that come into Wagmor Pets have often had very little positive human interaction, and might take a little extra love and patience to feel comfortable in your home,” the rescue notes.

You can check out the profiles and inquire about adopting the Frenchies and other available dogs via the Wagmor Pets website.


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