Tattletale Bullmastiff Points Out TP Perpetrator in Viral Video

bullmastiff Turner tattles on French Bulldog Abby

When his dog mom asks Turner, a Bullmastiff, who left toilet paper all over the floor — and wrapped around Abby, a French Bulldog — Turner doesn’t waste much time pointing his finger, er, paw, at the perpetrator.

After wagging his tail a few times and looking as innocent as possible, Turner points his paw toward his (now probably former) best friend, Abby.

“Did you make this mess, Abby?” their dog mom asks. Abby, not looking particularly happy, refuses to answer.

A video of Turner and Abby posted July 2 on YouTube has gone viral, with nearly 1.8 million views as of this morning.

It’s hilarious — well, not for Abby — but wouldn’t it be even funnier if Turner were a Rat Terrier?

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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