Little French Bulldog Scares off 3 Bears [Video]

French bulldog chases bear over fence

Jules may weigh only 20 pounds, but that didn’t stop the feisty French Bulldog from chasing three bears away from her family’s home in Monrovia, Calif., Friday afternoon.

“She wasn’t having it. You’re not coming into her property,” her dog dad, David Hernandez, told CBS Los Angeles.

“She blew me away. I couldn’t believe that she turned into a wolverine.”

Two young bears entered the Hernandez family’s front yard, while the mama bear climbed onto a balcony. Because of the California drought and a recent wildfire, bears have increasingly been leaving the San Gabriel Mountains to scavenge for food in hillside neighborhoods.

french bulldog chases away bears

Surveillance videos captured Jules racing down the porch steps and jumping toward one of the bears. As that bear stands and pushes Jules away, the little dog jumps at the other bear. In another video, a bear can be seen scrambling to make a quick exit over a fence as Jules chased it.

Jules was given a special treat, extra kisses and a bath. (The best reward would be for the Hernandez family to ensure this is Jules’ first and last bear encounter.)

While Hernandez has taken precautions to keep bears away from his home, he said some of his neighbors have been leaving dog food out for them, and one woman even makes meatloaf for them. Feeding the starving bears may seem kind hearted but is actually a bad idea and against the law.

Hernandez said he feels safer in bear country than in the city.

“You could have drive-bys or you can have bears,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “What’s it going to be? For me I’ll choose the wildlife, but just don’t feed them.”

It’s not unusual for little dogs to scare off much larger wildlife. In August, a Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier made headlines when the little dogs chased away grizzly and black bears.

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