Rescued Black Lab Saves Dog Dad from Texas Flood

Zeva rescue dog saved owner from Texas flood

Zeva, a Black Lab mix rescued from a shelter four years ago, is usually a fairly quiet dog.

But the night of May 24, as floodwater rushed into her home on the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas, Zeva wouldn’t stop barking.

“She had a penetrating bark. Enough to wake me up, and the water was already three feet,” her dog dad, who only wanted to be identified by his first name, John, told FOX 7 News. “In another 10 minutes, it was another four feet.”

John, Zeva and a friend climbed up to the attic. The water was soon reaching the second story of the house.

“You’d look down and see big tree trunks coming through here, furniture, everything, and it was just roaring,” John told FOX 7.

The Blanco River rose 40 feet that night, sweeping away 12 people. Among them were three members of the McComb family, whose dog was found alive in a tree.

After six hours, a rescue crew finally arrived at John’s house. John refused to leave without his dog. “It was harder getting her out then getting her up,” he said. All three were safely evacuated from the attic.

By the next day, the house had been extensively damaged, yet its frame was still standing. John hasn’t decided whether to rebuild.

One thing he knows for certain is that Zeva is a hero. “She’s my best friend,” he told FOX 7.

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