Husky Rescued after Car Chase Adopted by LAPD Detective

Mike Ventura adopts Chip husky in car chase

More than 75 potential adopters wrote essays describing why they would be the perfect parents for Chip, a Husky puppy found in an SUV after a high-speed police pursuit last month.

When the pursuit ended, the puppy’s former owner, John Garcia, shot California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Felix Serpas, who survived and is recovering. The puppy was named Chip in honor of Serpas, according to a news release.

Garcia was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder. Chip was taken to the Riverside County Animal Services shelter in Jurupa Valley, Calif., where there was an outpouring of adoption offers. The shelter asked all potential adopters to write a short essay explaining why they wanted the energetic Husky.

The winner: Mike Ventura of Covina, Calif., who’s a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

“His heartfelt words resonated with a team of employees here at the main shelter who helped select the adopter,” said Animal Services spokesman John Welsh in a written statement, the Press Enterprise reports.

As for everyone else who wrote an essay, they will be receiving a special offer from the shelter, according to its Facebook page. I’m guessing/hoping it’s an adoption fee discount, to encourage every one of those dozens of potential pet parents to adopt another lovable homeless dog.

Photo via Facebook

Laura Goldman

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