Virginia Police Officer Gives 2 Lost Dogs a Ride Home

Roanoke Officer Kulish rescues 2 stray dogs

Officer J.T. Kulish, of the Roanoke Police Dept. in Virginia, was cruising along in his patrol car on an off-duty assignment last week when he spotted two apparently lost dogs walking near railroad tracks.

The passenger-side window of the car was open, so Kulish whistled at the dogs. He must have been pretty surprised by what happened next.

When the two dogs turned and saw him, they both jumped into the patrol car through the open window!

According to the Safer City Roanoke Facebook page, “The trio hung out for a little bit while Officer Kulish did some research on his new-found friends and he was able to reunite them with their owner (but not before they all posed for this cool picture).”

That cool picture posted Sept. 4 is going viral, with nearly 17,000 Likes and over 4,000 shares as of Tuesday afternoon. The two dogs appear to be very happy and really seem to be enjoying the patrol car’s air conditioner (Roanoke’s daytime temperatures were in the low 90s last week).

More than 1,300 Facebook users have left comments praising Kulish’s action, and I’d like to join them. Excellent way to protect and serve, Officer Kulish!

Photo via Facebook

Laura Goldman

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