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Good Cops! Florida Deputies Comfort Pit Bulls Abandoned in Street

Florida deputy comforts abandoned Pit BullIt’s sad but true that in many cases, if police officers were to see two stray Pit Bulls in the street, they’d likely shoot them dead.

But that, very fortunately, is not what happened in Orlando, Fla., early Thursday morning. When two Orange County sheriff’s deputies saw two female Pit Bulls who’d apparently been dumped in the middle of a street, they got out of their patrol car and comforted the frightened but sweet-natured dogs. One of the dogs had a serious leg injury.

A passerby named Adam took photos of the kind deputies, who stayed with the dogs until animal services arrived.

“They even applied gauze to the injured dog’s leg to stop the heavy bleeding,” Adam wrote in a note to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. “These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted Adam’s photos on its Facebook page. “Well done, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs,” says the caption. “#MakingADifference.”

The two Pit Bulls are doing well and are currently being cared for by Orange County Animal Services. They’ve been named Liberty and Justice.

Hopefully they will find a loving forever family soon — and hopefully Deputy Boggs and Deputy Reed will be honored for their compassion, and set a nationwide example for the humane way police officers can deal with dogs.

“One of those Deputies (Boggs) is my son! I’m very proud of him!” wrote Lisa Cichy on the Orange County Animal Services Facebook page. “He’s always been very intuitive with animals! I’m so happy for those two pups to saved by these wonderful men!”

Photo via Facebook

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