14-Year-Old Lost Dog Found After 2 Months in Utah Canyon

Toby, 14-year-old dog lost for two months in Utah canyon

Apparently this is “Amazingly Lucky Senior Dog Week.” A few days ago, a 13-year-old blind dog named Cesar was rescued after he wandered out of his yard — and fell into a 15-foot-deep hole at the construction site next door. Despite his ordeal, Cesar wasn’t seriously injured.

Yet another senior dog who’s losing his eyesight is also safe and sound at home this week after a very scary experience.

During a July camping trip to Payson Canyon, Utah, a 14-year-old Great Pyrenees/Collie mix named Toby wandered away from his family and seemed to disappear. His family spent the next few weeks searching for Toby. Neither search dogs, trail cameras or drones could locate the senior dog.

“Toby is old and going blind. He is likely afraid and confused,” his owner wrote on July 25 in a Utah – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook group post. “We are so worried about him, and we just want him. He is the sweetest dog and is not aggressive at all, so he is easily approachable.”

Nearly two months after Toby’s disappearance, his family was contacted by someone who recognized his picture in that Facebook post.

“Once he went downhill and couldn’t get back up the mountain, he found a spot with shade and water and just laid around,” Toby’s unidentified owner told KUTV. That spot was about a mile and a half away from his family’s campsite.

“He did not do much traveling,” Toby’s owner added. “Laid there for two months and waited for something to happen… for someone to find him and kept himself alive.”

Toby, who weighed about 75 pounds before his disappearance, lost about 30 pounds. He was otherwise healthy — and is probably extremely happy to be back home.

Photo: Utah – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets/Facebook

Laura Goldman

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