Electronics-Sniffing Black Lab Helped Bust Jared Fogle

electronics detection dog Bear helped bust Jared Fogle

Former Subway spokesmonster Jared Fogle, as you’ve probably heard, was taken into custody earlier this week for paying for sex with minors and possessing child pornography. Incriminating evidence discovered by a 2-year-old Black Lab named Bear helped lead to Fogle’s arrest.

Bear is currently one of only four dogs in the United States trained to sniff out electronic media storage devices such as computers, iPads and memory cards.

After the FBI raided Fogle’s house in Zionsville, Ind., last month, Bear was summoned to do his job.

“I had no idea until that morning of what house I was actually going to,” his trainer, Todd Jordan, told WISH. “Once I found out who it was, yeah, it makes a little more nerve-racking for us.”

Bear discovered a hidden flash drive in Fogle’s house that was “vital to the investigation,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Debrota told RTV6.

This was Bear’s fifth investigation for the Indiana Crimes Against Children Task Force. Jordan told FOX59 last month that electronics detection dogs like Bear are especially helpful in child pornography investigations.

“You think about investigators going into a house and trying to find a micro SD card that is as big as a fingernail. It will take investigators hours, especially if someone is trying to hide it,” he said.

Bear electronics detected dog in Jared Fogle case

Bear was “one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever worked with,” Jordan told WISH. He trained Bear to detect electronic media storage devices a year ago. The process took about four months.

“It’s just like any other K-9 training, like with the narcotics or explosives or anything,” Jordan said. “You get the dog used to the odor and reward them as they indicate on it.”

When Bear finds something, he sits next to it. Jordan rewards him with a treat from a pouch he keeps in his pocket.

Jordan’s days of working with Bear have come to an end, however. Bear recently moved to Seattle to join its police department.

“It’ll be bittersweet,” Jordan told WISH. “It’s sad to see him go, but the type of work he’s doing, it’s very rewarding.”

Jordan is now training two more dogs to detect electronic media storage devices. Hopefully they will follow in Bear’s footsteps and help bust more child predators.

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