Sheep Dogs Guard Fawn’s Body after Idaho Wildfire

sheep dogs guard dead fawn after wildfire

Some of the worst wildfires in U.S. history have swept across western states this week, burning about 7.2 million acres. Among the victims were, tragically, three firefighters in Washington state. The fires have also undoubtedly killed scores of wildlife.

One of those four-legged victims was a fawn in Kamiah, Idaho, who probably had nowhere to run when a fast-moving wildfire roared through the town, destroying more than 40 homes.

Louis Armstrong found the fawn while checking his property after the fire.

“This one got me in the feels,” he said, according to Big Country News Connection. “Lots of destruction and sadness in the Kamiah area. I found this dead fawn Monday morning. An hour later this sheep dog and her two pups are here protecting it.”

A picture he took of the fawn and her three guards has gone viral.

“They have been here for hours and won’t leave,” Armstrong said. “Barking at people that come near (although they are very nice).”

The three dogs remained there, protecting the lifeless fawn from predators, until the sun set more than 13 hours later.

This one got me in the feels, too.

Photo via Facebook

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