Rottweiler Saves Pug Stuck in Well for 10 Days

rottweiler eyesSpooked by fireworks during a walk earlier this month, a Pug named Olive bolted. She seemed to have vanished from Wick, a village in England.

For over a week, Saffron Mackeson, along with friends and strangers, searched for her little dog. Their hopes for Olive being able to survive in the wintry conditions began to fade.

Ten days after Olive disappeared, Nichola Jones walked Bear, her 2-year-old, 110-pound Rottweiler, about a half mile away from where Olive ran off. Bear suddenly began to act strangely.

“I was just walking past a hedgerow and Bear stopped. He wouldn’t move,” Jones told the Daily Mail. “So I went through the hedge, and I found a well and looked down, and there was this black Pug.”

It was Olive who was looking back up at her. Jones climbed into the 5-foot-deep well and pulled her out to safety.

“I was worried she might have hurt herself,” Jones said. “She was petrified, but then her tail wagged. She was fine.”

Mackeson couldn’t be happier to be reunited with her beloved dog. “I’m so relieved,” she told the Daily Mail. “She’s lost a lot of weight, but other than that, she’s fine. We were so happy when we got the call.”

People that Mackeson said she doesn’t even know have been coming by, bringing Olive treats as the Pug recovers.

You know who else deserves to be showered with treats? Bear the hero dog.

“Bear is amazing. He is beautiful and has saved Olive’s life,” Mackeson’s mom, Zed Hale, told the Daily Mail. “He deserves a medal.”

Here’s hoping the gentle giant will get what he deserves.

Photo credit: joaquin uy/Flickr

Laura Goldman

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