Stray Chihuahua and Boxer BFFs Get Forever Home Together

little miss and buster chihuahua and boxer

There’s something especially heart-tugging about Chihuahuas who are best pals with dogs four times their size. One such odd couple is a Chihuahua named Little Miss and Buster, a Boxer, who were found wandering the streets of Phoenix together April 8.

They were brought to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, but no one came to claim them.

“Little Miss and Buster are obviously bonded. We think it would be heartbreaking to separate the two, and we’ve made it clear to potential adopters that they must stay together,” Melissa Gable, a public information officer at the shelter, told the Arizona Republic.

The shelter posted an adorable photo of Little Miss snuggling on top of her BFG (best giant friend) — her favorite napping spot — on its Facebook page, and it soon went viral.

“Little Miss appears to be the boss,” Gable told the Arizona Republic. “Buster was trying to sleep and she walked right over, barked in his ear and started nudging him with her nose. He just sighed and went back to sleep. He’s very patient with her, and she does whine if he isn’t around.”

Applications from potential adopters started flowing in and were entered in a lottery. The drawing was held Sunday, and the lucky winner is a California family. They are scheduled to come to the shelter today to claim their prizes, enabling Little Miss and Buster to live together happily ever after.

Photo via Facebook

Laura Goldman

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