Meet 2 Chihuahuas and Their BGFs (Best Giant Friends)

Two Chihuahuas and their much, much larger canine friends have been making news headlines this week. A video of a Chihuahua sleeping on a Great Dane has gone viral, and news is spreading of an abandoned Chihuahua puppy in England who was taken under the wing of the shelter manager’s Neapolitan Mastiff.

But is it safe for such small dogs to be around dogs 25 or (many) more times their size? Yes, according to, as long as the dogs are socialized at an early age and closely supervised the first few months they’re together.

Without further pawdo, meet Kizzy and Dayna, and Digby and Nero.

Kizzy and Dayna

Although it was posted on YouTube by Emma Pia back in 2011, an adorable video of a teeny Chihuahua in PJs falling asleep on top of a giant Great Dane has gone viral over the past couple of days.

Kizzy, the Chihuahua, is 3 years old and “little sister & bestie” to 4-year-old Dayna, the Great Dane, according to the unlikely pair’s Facebook page. (Check it out for lots of ridiculously cute pictures of this pair.)

Digby and Nero

chihuahua and neapolitan mastiff

Digby, an abandoned 5-week-old Chihuahua puppy who weighs only a pound, quickly became best friends this week with Nero, a 126-pound Neapolitan Mastiff. Nero, a former pound pup himself, belongs to Anna White, manager of the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre.

Two days ago, Digby was found dumped next to trash cans outside an apartment complex in London.

“When I first came across Digby, he was frozen and shaking, and had just been left to die,” RSPCA animal collection officer Natalie Ditchfield told the London Evening Standard. “He’s really tiny — small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.”

Digby and Nero became instant chums, White said. “It was as if the little fellow took on Nero as his personal minder,” she told the Standard. “Poor Digby had to be rescued once by the RSPCA, and it seems like he is taking precautions to make sure nothing can happen to him again.”

Ditchfield agreed. “He seemed to come out of his shell as soon as we arrived at Southridge and spotted Nero,” she said. “It really is a love story.”

Digby has been adopted, according to the shelter’s Facebook page today. Hopefully his new forever family will arrange play dates with Nero so this love story can continue.

Photo via Facebook

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