Two Dachshunds Found Alive Day After Pennsylvania House Fire

dachshunds survived Pennsylvania house fire

When their house in East Fallowfield Township, Pa., went up in flames late Saturday afternoon, a family thought they had not only lost their home, but two precious four-legged family members as well.

According to WPVI, investigators believe the two-alarm fire was started by someone smoking. Two women in the house were able to escape without injury, but their two Dachshunds were left behind. It took firefighters about half an hour to put out the flames.

As the family mourned their losses Sunday morning, someone spotted the Dachshunds sitting in what remained of a second-floor bedroom.

Modena Fire Company Chief Frank Dowlin happened to be finishing a report on the fire when he got a call from the East Fallowfield Police Department.

“They’re alive,” Dowlin was told, according to a news release he wrote today.

firefighter rescues dachshund day after house fire

Firefighters and the relieved family rushed to the house. Once they got there, “it was truly a great sight,” Dowlin wrote.

“Standing at the rear of the house, looking through the large hole, there they were — tails a-wagging, looking down at their owners.”

Firefighter Charlie Johnson climbed a ladder and, attached to a rope, entered the unstable structure, walking across the bedroom to the dogs. One at a time, he scooped up the dogs brought them to firefighter Justin Carlo, who carried each of them down the ladder.

“The dogs were amazingly both doing well and, after a reunion with their owners, were cleaned up a little, and given water and food by neighbors, and then spent some time running around the yard,” Dowlin wrote.

“The event was truly a miracle to witness. Our crews were glad to bring a little happiness to the family.”

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