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Indianapolis Pit Bull Alerts Dog Mom to House Fire

indianapolis pit bull alerts owner to house fire

“If it wasn’t for Raja, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Jennifer Green, the 2-year-old Pit Bull’s dog mom, told WISH. “I probably would have been trapped in the basement with smoke inhalation and I would be dead.”

Green was working in the basement of her Indianapolis home Monday afternoon when Raja walked down the stairs and began whimpering.

“I’m like, okay, something’s not right,” Green told WISH. “He’s trying to tell me something.”

Green went upstairs and saw that the back porch was on fire. She managed to get out of the house, but Raja ran back down to the basement. Fortunately, firefighters were able to rescue him, and although he suffered smoke inhalation, Raja is doing fine.

“He’s going to get a steak at some point, so we’ll get all that taken care of,” Green told WISH Tuesday. “He got a lot of treats last night, that’s for sure.”

Green’s house, unfortunately, was a total loss. The fire is believed to have started when discarded, still-smoldering ashes from a fire pit reignited in a trash can. The Indianapolis Fire Department advises people to soak ashes in water before dumping them.

Raja and his family are staying in a motel, which has the hero dog a little flustered, Green said. Their fire insurance and friends are helping them get by.

Green told WISH she wasn’t surprised by what Raja did. “He’s family and he’d do anything for us,” she said.

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