Uber Taxi App Delivers Adoptable Puppies for 15 Minutes of Playtime

uber puppies on demand

The big game is this Sunday — that’s right, Puppy Bowl XI — and to celebrate a little early, the taxi app Uber has teamed up with Animal Planet to deliver adoptable puppies today in 10 U.S. cities.

Uber drivers will deliver the puppies and their representatives to offices only, not private residences. You can request a puppy until 3 p.m. today. When the puppy is delivered, you and your co-workers will have 15 minutes to play with the little guy or gal.

“If you’re lucky enough to request puppies to your office, please make sure your boss or building is going to be cool with the woofs and that no one in the area is allergic,” Uber advises. “Also, having a dedicated room for puppy playtime is preferred.”

The cost is $30, which is donated to the participating animal shelter or rescue in your city. If you want to adopt the puppy, the representative will assist you.

Here’s hoping the puppies don’t get too stressed out, and they all find forever homes.

For more information about “Puppies on Demand,” visit the Uber website.

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Laura Goldman

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