Dog Drivers Crash into Walmart Store (They’re OK)

dogs crash car into walmartAn elderly woman probably thought she was doing the right thing by leaving her two small dogs inside her car, with the air conditioning and engine running, while she made a quick shopping trip to the Walmart in Wayne, W.Va., yesterday afternoon.

But somehow the dogs managed to put the car in gear and crashed into the exterior of the store. (Maybe they were hoping to pick up a few toys in the pet department.)

An employee on a break told WSAZ that when she saw the car rolling toward her and the store, she thought the driver might be pranking her — until she saw a dog behind the wheel.

After the crash, one of the dogs was able to roll a window down, perhaps to bark for help.

Thankfully both dogs are fine (and were not cited for driving without a license). There was only minor damage to the car and store.

The dog mom, who is in her late 70s, was able to drive her dogs home after the accident — and I’m guessing that’s probably where she’ll leave them the next time she makes a Walmart run.

Photo via Twitter

Laura Goldman

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