Las Vegas Man Uses Dog Poop to Foil Package Thieves

thief steals dog poop package

‘Tis the season for delivered packages to be left on front porches — and, increasingly, to be taken away by thieves.

That’s what kept happening to Eric Bardo of Las Vegas. Last week, perhaps as he was picking up after his big dog, he decided to do something about it.

“One day I kind of just thought about cleaning up the poop and putting it in a box and that’s what I did,” Bardo told KTNV. “I put it in there, taped it up and wrote the address on it.”

The Priority Mail box sat on Bardo’s front porch from Sunday until Thursday, when a thief finally took the B.M. bait, so to speak. Surveillance cameras captured videos of a boy snatching the poop package and then running down the street with an accomplice.

Unfortunately, there is no video of the young thief’s reaction when he opened the box.

Bardo decided not to report the crime to police. “I didn’t want to call them and say somebody stole a box of poop off my front porch,” he told KTNV.

“Hopefully they don’t do it again and they learn their lesson.”

After airing this story, KTNV heard from viewers who said they’d considered doing the same thing as Bardo, but never went through with it. This prank changed their minds.

Photo via YouTube

Would you ever consider leaving a dog poop package on your front porch to discourage thieves? Please leave a comment below.

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