Miss Daisy Driving: Watch a Dog Chauffeur a Little Boy [Video]

dog driving car with boy

“Driving Miss Daisy?” Nope, this is “Miss Daisy Driving.”

Daisy, who looks like a West Highland Terrier mix, likes to give her young buddy Oliver a lift in a little red car. A video of the two is going viral, with more than 240,000 views as of this morning.

“Yes, the car is a remote-controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the pedals… Haha),” writes their mom, Jessica Wolf, in the description of the video she posted on YouTube Sept. 30.

In response to doubters, Wolf wrote, “For your information, there is nothing fake about this video. The driver can override the remote by turning the wheel themselves. Daisy loves to stand on the car and move the wheel herself. If you notice, she mostly pushes to the left so the car drives to the left most of the time. So I sometimes will help move the wheel to the right in order to let her move it again to the left herself… and to help them avoid from hitting anything if it is needed.

“Yes, she is really steering it. Hope you enjoy!”

Whether or not you’re convinced it’s Daisy who’s really doing the driving, the video is definitely enjoyable.

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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