LAPD Adopts Puppy Found on a Busy Hollywood Street

LAPD adopts abandoned puppy

When Officers Mercado and Tavera with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) found an abandoned puppy wandering on a busy Hollywood street, they didn’t turn him over to L.A. Animal Services, where the little guy may — or more likely, may not — have eventually found a forever home.

Instead, the LAPD Hollywood division has adopted the puppy, naming him Hobart after the street he was discovered on. As you can see from the video, “#HollywoodHobart” has become very attached to one of his rescuers!

Although the LAPD joked about Hobert joining its K-9 unit, the little pup could become a comfort dog, working his charm not only on crime victims but on stressed-out officers. As I wrote for Care2.com in September 2018, comfort dogs are becoming more and more common in police stations.

Many thanks to Officers Mercado and Tavera for likely saving Hobart’s life, and here’s hoping this lucky dog brings lots of joy to the LAPD Hollywood division.

Photo: @LAPDHollywood/Twitter

Laura Goldman

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