A Dog’s Purpose Is Not to Be Abused, So Boycott This Movie

German Shepherd forced into pool for "A Dog's Purpose"

Many dog lovers have been anticipating the Jan. 27 release of the movie “A Dog’s Purpose,” a tear-jerker about a reincarnated pooch who teaches people how to love and laugh.

But disturbing behind-the-scenes footage posted today on¬†shows that the filmmakers have a lot to learn about love and compassion for animals. Anyone who does care about animals should scratch “A Dog’s Purpose”¬†off their must-see list — or, for that matter, their ever-see list.

The video shows a visibly terrified German Shepherd being forced to go into a pool as the dog tries to get away and claws at the edges. Eight outboard motors were used to create strong waves so the pool would resemble a rushing river, TMZ reports.

When the German Shepherd was finally forced into the pool, he or she was submerged — which may not have been in the script. Someone shouts “Cut it!” and handlers rescue the poor dog.

The trailer for “A Dog’s Purpose” shows the German Shepherd in the water.


A dog’s purpose is not to be mistreated by humans. Please see my story for updated information about this incident and join me in boycotting “A Dog’s Purpose.”

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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