Monster Caught on Video Throwing Pit Bull off Cliff (The Dog Survived)

SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE: Andres Spancky Raya has been sentenced to only two years in state prison for felony animal cruelty.

monster threw dog over cliffThe video is very difficult to watch, but has been viewed over 18 million times since Wednesday. A dog that appears to be a Pit Bull mix jumps through the passenger window into an Audi sedan parked on a street in City Terrace, near Los Angeles. A man gets out of the car, carrying the dog, and flings it over a cliff. The obese, bespectacled loser looks around as he walks back to his car, checking to see if anyone is watching.

Fortunately, someone living across the street witnessed this heinous act unfold two weeks ago via a surveillance camera on his house. The good Samaritan, who asked not to be identified, immediately began searching for the dog.

“I came out here with my flashlight looking around, I was making some noise trying to get her attention and sure enough I saw her behind a bush off the cliff,” he told FOX 11.

Amazingly, the poor dog not only survived the 15- to 20-foot fall without any injuries. A bush stopped her from falling farther.

“She’s a very nice dog and very kind,” another nearby resident, Ruben Roque, told FOX 11. “I don’t know how somebody can do that to this dog.”

Roque fostered the dog, who he calls “Girl,” until she was taken by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control as evidence in its animal cruelty investigation. Roque, who’s a combat veteran, hopes to adopt her and show her what a loving forever home is like. In a nice gesture, L.A. Animal Control said they’ll drop the adoption fees for Roque when his Girl is ready to go home. [Happy Update: Roque officially adopted Girl on Oct. 19 and has renamed her Hera, after the Greek goddess.]

According to FOX 11, neighbors believe Girl had belonged to the man who tried to kill her. After he drove off, he returned to the neighborhood to look for her.

“I told him to pound sand, get out of here the cops, are on the way,” the neighbor told FOX 11. Wait, what? Why not ask him — or force him, if necessary — to stick around so he could be arrested and charged with animal cruelty?

Roque, on the other hand, wants the loser prosecuted. The first day it was posted, Oct. 12, the video was viewed over 5 million times. As of now, two days later, it has been viewed xx times.

Hopefully at least one of those millions of viewers will recognize this monster and do something about it..

“The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control was shocked and horrified to see this video,” its director, Marcia Mayeda, said in a statement to FOX 11.  “Animal cruelty is a serious crime, and the department is thoroughly investigating this case to identify the perpetrator and identify which criminal charges may be referred to the District Attorney’s office. We hope this individual will be identified by a FOX 11 viewer so we can complete our investigation and find justice for the beautiful, sweet dog.”

If you recognize this piece of garbage, please contact the East Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 323-264-4151 or the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control at 562-728-4882.

Laura Goldman

I am a freelance writer and lifelong dog lover. For five years, I was a staff writer for i Love Dogs. When that site shut down, I started this blog...because I STILL Love Dogs!