Thanks to Their Dogs, Canadian Couple Wins $14 Million Lottery

dogs make mess and owners win lottery

Kira and Chancey probably got a good scolding earlier this month after the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever ripped apart boxes of brownie and scone mixes.

One of the culprits had white flour around his mouth, while the other dog’s muzzle was covered in brown powder.

“They couldn’t blame each other,” their dog mom, Monique Etienne, told the Edmonton Sun.

To clean up the mess, Monique sent her husband, Christian, to the store to rent a carpet cleaner.

While he was there, he decided to buy a lottery ticket. It was a really good decision.

The Etiennnes are now $14.5 million richer — thanks to that big mess made by their dogs Kira and Chancey.

The couple told the Edmonton Sun they will continue to work, and the only thing that will change is “the number in the bank account.”

Monique said they’ll “enjoy New Year’s Day with a couple of snow bikes.”

Maybe they’ll spend part of the fortune on purchasing a carpet cleaner — although renting one instead may be luckier.

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Laura Goldman

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