WITHDRAWAL ALERT: Hill’s Science Diet Canned Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet withdrawal notice

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has voluntarily withdrawn some of its Hill’s Science Diet canned dog food from PetSmart stores, Truth About Pet Food reported Friday.

Signs posted in PetSmart stores late last week announced the withdrawal and listed the affected products, but did not disclose the reason. Hill’s Pet Nutrition has not yet released any official information about the withdrawal on its website or social media accounts.

“The reason for this ‘withdrawal’ of some of the products was a printing error of information on the labels. The food is NOT an issue at all,” wrote K9Jeeper, who identified herself as a Hill’s rep, in a comment on Dog Food Adviser.

“When the packaging is corrected, the items will be re-labeled and distributed.” K9Jeeper added that it will take two to three weeks.

According to the signs posted in PetSmart stores, all date codes of the following products have been voluntarily withdrawn:

  • Science Diet Dog Adult Perfect Weight
    12.8 oz
    SKU 5210092
    UPC 5274229750
  • Ideal Balance Slim & Healthy Chicken
    12.8 oz
    SKU 5210280
    UPC 5274230770
  • Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Adult Beef Entrée
    5.8 oz.
    SKU 5092280
    UPC 5274249660
  • Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Mature Beef Entrée
    5.8 oz
    SKU 5092282
    UPC 5274249680
  • Science Diet Dog Adult Beef Entrée
    13 oz.
    SKU 5117274
    UPC 5274270390
  • Science Diet Dog Adult Beef & Chicken Entrée
    13 oz.
    SKU 5117273
    UPC 5274270400
  • Science Diet Dog Mature Beef Entrée
    13 oz.
    SKU 5117275
    UPC 5274270560

For more information about the recall, call Hill’s Pet Nutrition at 800-354-4557 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

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