Reddit Comes to the Rescue of Adorable Bucket-Loving Pit Bull

OCT. 28, 2015 UPDATE: Happy news — Slim’s shelter days are over! He and his beloved bucket have been taken in by Forget Me Not Animal Rescue

“We are looking forward to helping Slim learn how to live a wonderful life where he doesn’t have to worry anymore,” wrote Dorian Lansky of Forget Me Not in a comment below. “If you’d like to contribute to Slim’s rehabilitation and training needs, all donations are greatly appreciated.” You can make a donation via PayPal to

homeless pit bull loves bucket

Thanks in large part to a video that went viral on social media earlier this month, a ridiculously cute Pit Bull who made his own shelter bed quickly found a loving forever home.

And, thanks again to social media, another adorable Pit Bull pound pup may soon be rescued from a shelter. Although he doesn’t make his bed, he’s very attached to a metal bucket that’s almost as big as he is, as you can see in this photo going viral.

“This popped up on my newsfeed,” wrote LittleDank, who posted the photo on Reddit yesterday. “The rescue group said he’s lost without his bucket and will have to take it to his new forever home.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 677 people have left comments on the photo, helping to spread the word about the dog, whose name is Slim. The photo has also been viewed over 1.8 million times on Imgur.

Slim, who’s 5 to 6 years old, was found abandoned and starving in a house last December. The energetic charmer has been at the Ashland County Animal Shelter in Ohio ever since then.

“He is anxious in the shelter and has destroyed most of the toys he’s been given,” Rescue Me Ohio, a statewide companion animal advocacy organization, wrote on its Facebook page Oct. 22.

“But his favorite toy is his bucket!!! He loves his bucket and is lost without it!! He sits like a perfect gentleman for a treat and takes them so nicely. He will need a home that will continue to work on these manners he has learned.”

Although many people have expressed interest in adopting Slim, he will be released to a rescue organization that can work with him on those manners before he goes to a forever home.

“Due to Slim’s past history of neglect, the shelter feels that it would be best to list him as rescue only,” Rescue Me Ohio reported earlier today. “He will need time to properly decompress and learn how to be a normal dog again.”

Rescue organizations interested in Slim can email Michelle at

“For everyone who is interested in adopting or who cannot adopt but would like to get involved in rescue, please consider becoming a foster for a local, reputable rescue!” Rescue Me Ohio wrote. “Fosters are the biggest need in rescue. They make it possible to save many, many lives!!”

Photo via Imgur

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