Puppy and Kitten BFFs Chicken & Waffles Need a Forever Home

Chicken and Waffles puppy and kitten BFFs

“This Chihuahua mix puppy and her kitten sidekick showed up together on someone’s porch during last week’s rainstorm,” writes the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) of North Carolina on its Facebook page.

A good Samaritan brought the two BFFs to the shelter, where “they’ve been inseparable ever since they came though our doors!”

Dogs and cats are usually separated in the shelter, but an exception was made for this pair. “We made a special ‘inter-species condo’ so these two best buddies could reside together,” writes the AHS.

The puppy has been named Chicken and the black kittenĀ is Waffles. Chicken is shy and follows Waffles around, letting the kitten “make all the big decisions,” according to the AHS.

“They play together, wrestle together, eat together, sleep together, you name it! Obviously, Chicken and Waffles were meant to be a pair for life, so they need to go to their new home together.”

For more information about adopting Chicken and Waffles, visit the Asheville Humane Society website or email

Here are the “outtakes” from the BFFs’ photo shoot. Can you stand the cuteness?!

Chicken and Waffles puppy and kitten BFFs outtakes

Photos via Facebook


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