Amy Poehler’s New ‘Heavy Petting’ Web Series Helps Dogs Get Adopted

Heavy Petting web series by Amy Poehler

As further proof there is nothing the amazing Amy Poehler cannot do, she’s launched a new web series, “Heavy Petting,” that features talking dogs.

But these aren’t your usual talking dogs. They’re adoptable shelter dogs voiced by Poehler and other celebrities, including her former “Parks and Recreation” co-stars Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari.

“Heavy Petting,” produced in partnership with the ASPCA, will be available on the Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls website and YouTube channel. “It’s like Tinder, but for adoptable pets, because #SmartGirlsAdopt!” says the description.

The first episode premiered today. It stars fast-talking, spilled-Cheerios-eating Bart, a 10-month-old Poodle mix voiced by John Mulaney.

“I love meeting new people and smelling their breath,” Bart says. “I’ve gotten really into Cheerios lately, especially when they’re spilled on the kitchen floor — preferably when they’re spilled on the kitchen floor.”

Here’s hoping this series has a whole lot of future episodes, because I doubt any of its stars will remain homeless for long.

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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