‘Angel Dog’ Appears as Woman Spreads Beloved Golden Retriever’s Ashes

angel dog appears in ashes

When Wagner, Ashley Lang’s beloved 12-year-old Golden Retriever, passed away, she spread his ashes in one of his favorite places — the appropriately named Wagner Park in Aspen, Colo.

As she did so, a friend took a picture on her phone. In the photo, which is going viral and giving lots of people chills, the ashes form the shape of what appears to be a jumping dog.

“This is Ashley spreading her dog Wagner’s ashes,” wrote KOLO reporter Amanda Sanchez, who shared the photo, in the caption. “He was the love of her life. She lives in Chicago but flew to Aspen to spread the ashes at Wagner Park. Need I say more???”

Lang told CBS Chicago she believes it was Wagner’s way of saying goodbye.

“It’s pretty remarkable,” she said. “The tail and the legs, and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up. Everyone keeps calling him the ‘angel dog.’”

The Nevada Humane Society shared the photo last night on its Facebook page, and it’s gotten more than 7,000 Likes so far.

“Who believes the Rainbow Bridge is real and who believes our pets are looking over us once they pass on?” the humane society asked.

But is the picture real…or Photoshopped, as some doubters believe?

“No one else is questioning that despite general darkness and shadows, the grass and building in the background are lighter?” wrote one commenter. “I think this is a bad Photoshop job.”

The majority of people seem to think it’s legit, however.

“When our precious Lab died at 6 from cancer, my husband used to feel her jumping up on the bed and softly find a place to lay down,” wrote another commenter. “Seeing this makes me believe him!”

What do you think…could this really be an “angel dog?”

Photo via Facebook

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