Border Collie Mix Thrown from Idaho Car Wreck Found…Herding Sheep

During a car crash on an Idaho street Sunday morning, a 2-year-old Border Collie/Heeler mix named Tillie was thrown from one of the vehicles involved. She ran off into a field — and then seemed to disappear.

The Idaho State Police (ISP) issued a news release asking for witnesses to the wreck and urging everyone in the area to keep an eye out for Tilly.

“Tilly has no tail, a dark-colored face, weighs approximately 70 pounds, and was wearing a multi-colored plaid and tan-colored collar with a name tag containing the owner’s contact information,” the news release said. “Tilly’s family is from Hayden and is doing all they can to find the dog.”

Tilly, Border Collie missing after car crash

Two days later, Tilly was discovered doing what Border Collies like to do: She had found her way to a farm and was herding the sheep there.

Although she lost some weight and was pretty thirsty, Tilly’s owner said the lucky dog was otherwise fine, KHQ reports.

However, as someone commented on the KHQ Local News Facebook page, “Once a Border Collie/Heeler mix has had a taste of sheep herding, he/she will never be satisfied with nipping at the feet of toddlers again.” True.

Photo: Idaho State Police

Laura Goldman

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