What It Really Means to Be ‘Like a Pit’ (Video)

Dogly Like a Pit video

Many people who don’t know any better believe that Pit Bulls have locking jaws (not true), bite more than other breeds (also not true), and since they were bred for fighting, make horrible pets (you guessed it, not true).

The media certainly doesn’t help quash these false stereotypes. In fact, most of the time when there’s a negative TV news story about a dog, you can bet the photo used is a Pit Bull, even if it was another breed involved.

Pit Bull advocates (like me) do all that we can to help get the good word out about this misunderstood breed. Joining the campaign is Dogly, a photosharing app that gives back to shelters and rescues.

Dogly asked pet parents what it meant to be “like a Pit.” The purpose, according to the company, was “to unite our voices in spreading awareness and positivity to help break down stereotypes for all dogs that are judged first and loved second.”

This beautiful “Like a Pit” video gets two thumbs way up from me. Please share it and help it go viral.

You can download the Dogly app from iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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