Firefighters Rush Dog Injured in Car Crash to Animal Hospital

firefighters rush dog to animal hospital

If you’re going to be involved in a rollover crash with your dog beside you in your vehicle, one of the best places to end up would be near firefighters in a fire station, right?

That’s exactly what happened to a man who was driving with his Australian Shepherd in an SUV along a road in Canyon Country, Calif. He apparently somehow lost control, and the SUV crashed and rolled over. It landed on its side on the lawn of Los Angeles County Fire Station 128.

The firefighters ran out, pulled the man from the wreckage, and rushed him to a hospital in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the Australian Shepherd had managed to jump out a window and was trying to hide near some stairs. The firefighters were able to successfully coax him onto a stretcher and took him, in another ambulance, to a nearby animal hospital in Santa Clarita. Their compassionate efforts were captured on video.

Both the man and his dog are in critical condition, according to the firefighters. If the car hadn’t ended up where it did, neither of the accident victims may have survived.

“Three of us worked together not only to provide care to the hurt Australian Shepherd but to also provide timely transportation to a local veterinary clinic,” Los Angeles County Fire Battalion Chief Nick Berkuta told CBS Los Angeles. “To have fire resources available immediately allowed for us to provide him with the best possible that we can.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, the dog wasn’t restrained inside the SUV. Being tossed around so violently during the crash probably contributed to his injuries — an important reason why it’s never a good idea to leave your dog unsecured in your vehicle. But do be aware that most car restraints for pets failed crash tests in a 2011 study by the non-profit Center for Pet Safety, perhaps because there currently are no government or industry standards for these safety devices. Still, it’s safer to use a restraint since it can prevent your dog from becoming a projectile, not only injuring himself but other passengers in the vehicle.

Here’s wishing the man and the Australian Shepherd speedy recoveries. Many thanks to the heroes at Los Angeles County Fire Station 128 for making sure they were both quickly treated for their injuries.

Photo: CBS Los Angeles/YouTube

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