Thanks to Flyer, Dog Park Regular Whose Owner Died Has a Loving New Home

Dog park regular's owner died

A senior Rottweiler mix named Bandit used to enjoy fun times at a Thousand Oaks, Calif., dog park with his owner, Phil, known by other park regulars as “The Doctor.”

Sadly, Phil passed away at his home. Days later, police discovered him, with Bandit by his side, on Feb. 6. They took the 10-year-old dog to the County of Los Angeles – Agoura Animal Care Center.

When a kind-hearted dog park regular found out about Phil’s death and his senior dog’s situation — it’s a sad but true fact that older dogs have much more difficulty getting adopted and making it out of shelters alive — they posted a flyer on the dog park fence with Bandit’s photo and ID number. Amy Mandel took a photo of the flyer and posted it on Facebook, where it was shared over 4,800 times.

“Life is very different now and I am quite sad,” says “Bandit” in the flyer. “I get along with everyone and am an easy-going guy! Would you please allow me to live out my days in another home again?”

The flyer worked. Bandit has been adopted and, just as he wished, will live out his days with a family and their other rescue dog, Tarra. The Agoura Animal Care Center posted this happy update from Bandit’s new dog mom yesterday on its Facebook page:

“He is so sweet! He’s having a blast; what a personality. Once we got home, I took him and our little dog (Tarra- also a rescue) out back to go potty, and he was so happy he ran laps around the yard! I had no idea he had so much happy energy in him, then he and Tarra were running around all over the house and yard. Tarra really misses her brothers – my dogs that passed. Tarra is so happy. They follow each other around and Bandit is like my little shadow. He LOVES my son DJ, and when husband got home he was licking him and following him around! He is a little love, so happy he’s with us.”

Congratulations to Bandit and many thanks to his adopters and everyone who helped ensure he found a forever home. The saying that it takes a village is really true, and in Bandit’s case the “village” was a dog park community.

Laura Goldman

I am a freelance writer and lifelong dog lover. For five years, I was a staff writer for i Love Dogs. When that site shut down, I started this blog...because I STILL Love Dogs!