Some Amtrak Trains Just Got Dog Friendlier

amtrak allows pets on northeastern trains

If you love to travel by train on the East Coast but hate leaving your small dog behind, you’re in luck — at least between now and February.

During a pilot program that began Oct. 12, Amtrak is allowing dogs under 20 pounds and cats on board some trains, as long as they’re kept in carriers kept under the seats. There is a $25 charge for bringing a pet.

The two pet-friendly lines are the Northeast Regional service, which goes from Boston to Lynchburg, Newport News and Norfolk, Va., and the Downeaster route between Boston and Brunswick, Maine.

The program ends Feb. 15, 2016, but if all goes well, it may be extended. A similar pilot program in Illinois was very successful, and pets are now permanently allowed on some trains in that state.

For more details about this program, go to the Amtrak website.

Photo credits: m01229Jim Winstead

Laura Goldman

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