Drone Captures Big Wave Knocking Small Dog off Hawaii Cliff (He’s Okay)

dog swept by wave into ocean hawaii

A small dog left behind on a cliff in Oahu when his irresponsible dog dad jumped into Maunalua Bay was swept into the water himself by a giant wave.

The dog tried running away from the sudden swell, to no avail. Fortunately, he survived and his dog dad was able to rescue him.

The entire scary incident was captured on camera by Donny Klotz’s drone.

“The owner jumped off the ledge at China Walls,” Klotz told Hawaii News Now. “The dog went down one level and was looking for his owner. Then the wave came [and] the owner didn’t even see the dog getting washed off.”

Although warning signs — and no dogs allowed signs — are posted at the entrance to China Walls in Hawaii Kai, Honolulu Emergency Services Dept. spokeswoman Shayne Enright told Hawaii News Now people ignore them. In January, a 23-year-old man died when he was swept off the same ledge by a wave.

“That [dog] could have easily been a child or [an adult] person,” Enright said. “It just shows how incredibly dangerous that area really is.”

Many angered animal lovers have left comments criticizing the dog’s owner on the Hawaii News Now Facebook page.

“Only a complete idiot would allow their dog to even be here,” wrote Lily Gilmore, and I agree with her. “Thank goodness for happy endings.”

Photo via Twitter

Laura Goldman

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