Top 10 Stupid Pet Tricks from ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

beagle plays dead stupid pet tricks letterman

When David Letterman retires as the host of “Late Show” on CBS later this month, what I’ll miss the most — and I believe most of you animal lovers will agree — will be Stupid Pet Tricks.

Ever since Stupid Pet Tricks was introduced on NBC’s “Late Night with David Letterman” back in the early 1980s — the segment was the brainchild of the show’s head writer at the time, dog lover Merrill Markoe — the most amazing and unforgettable tricks have been performed by dogs, including the following best of the best (that are available on video, at least).

As Letterman always warned: This is not a competition, so please, ladies and gentlemen, no wagering.

10. Sheltie Blows Bubbles in Water Bowl

Misha, a Shetland Sheepdog, learned to blow bubbles in her water bowl “by accident,” according to her dog mom.

9. Pit Bull Bowls a Strike

This trick was actually performed way back on NBC’s “Late Night” in the mid-’80s, but needs to be included on this list. A Pit Bull named Hammer proves he truly deserves, as Letterman says, the 1985 Bowler of the Year trophy.

8. Blindfolded Border Collie Catches Frisbee

In the first Stupid Pet Trick after Letterman moved to CBS, Jeff, a Border Collie, catches a Frisbee while blindfolded.

7. Lab Mix Climbs Ladder

Lexie, a Border Collie/Lab mix from Calgary, Alberta, manages to climb up an 8-foot ladder and then jump into her dog dad’s arms.

6. Border Collie Drinks from Glass

A Border Collie named Sweet Sundance holds a drinking glass between his paws and enjoys a “dog drink.” (Letterman asks if it’s water from the toilet, but no, it’s beef-flavored water.)

5. Cattle Dog Mix Jumps Rope Double-Dutch Style

Geronimo, an Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix, can jump two — count ’em, two — ropes at once.

“If your dog can’t do that, return him to the shelter,” Letterman jokes to the audience.

4. Jack Russell Terrier, Riding Miniature Horse, Jumps Over Hurdle

Dallie, a Jack Russell Terrier, jumps up on the back of Spanky, a 7-year-old miniature horse, and together they leap over a hurdle.

“This is the kind of thing you see when you’ve been drinking pure-grain alcohol,” Letterman says.

3. Lab Dances the Merengue

Okay, this wasn’t actually an official Stupid Pet Trick, but it’s pretty doggone awesome.

“You think that’s something? The dog makes all the travel arrangements!” Letterman says after the performance.

2. Briard Rides a Scooter

Norman, a big ol’ Briard, hops on a scooter and rides it across the length of the Late Show stage.

1. Beagle Plays Dead Very Realistically

What, without a doubt, was the best Stupid Pet Trick ever? Watch Bailey the Beagle’s amazing response to “Play dead!”

What were your favorite Stupid Pet Tricks? Leave a comment below.

Laura Goldman

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