Firefighters and Cops Get New Pomeranian for Grieving Dog Mom

lanchi rohall and teddy pomeranian

Firefighters in Portage, Mich., were able to put out a blaze in the home of Lanchi Rohall two months ago, but, tragically, they were unable to save the lives of her six dogs.

A compassionate dispatcher with Portage Public Safety who knew Rohall suggested to her supervisor, Torie Rose, that the department do something to help Rohall cope with her loss, reports. With the grieving dog mom’s permission, employees began making donations toward getting Rohall a new dog to help ease her pain.

Rohall is especially fond of Pomeranians, so the dispatcher began searching online for the perfect pup. She eventually found Teddy, a rescued Pom who was available in Flint, Mich. The donations from Portage fire and police unions, as well as officers, covered Teddy’s $250 adoption fee.

Rose and the dispatcher brought Teddy to Rohall, who is temporarily staying in a motel.

“I think he needed her as much as she needed him,” Rose told “You could tell right off the bat they were going to be a good match.”

Teddy, who was rescued from an abusive situation, was treated by a veterinarian for worms. He also has very sensitive paws, so Rohall got him some little shoes to protect them.

Rohall and Teddy paid a visit yesterday to the Portage Police station. Rose said Teddy was like a different dog.

“He was well-groomed and looked very happy,” she told “She has taught him commands through hand movements, and he is very much attached to her. If she goes out of his sight, he gets nervous.”

Rohall said she is very thankful for how people have gone out of their way to help her since the fire. It was “wonderful, wonderful. God works in mysterious ways,” she told

As for her new best friend Teddy, she said he’s adorable. “He looks just like a baby fox,” she told

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