Golden Retrievers Help Save Elderly Dog Mom After She Falls

dogs save elderly owner who fellJudy Muhe, 76, has Parkinson’s disease, and exposure to cold air can mean trouble for her.

When she took a bad spill in her Palmdale, Calif., kitchen, bruising her skull and shattering her shoulder, her two Golden Retrievers rushed to her. Dodger and Higgins snuggled up beside her for two days, with no food or water, as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

“They let me know I was not alone,” Muhe told KABC.

“Dodger kept nuzzling me with his nose and Higgins was laying right beside me. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I just love my dogs so much.”

Kathy Jacobs, a friend of Muhe’s, became concerned when her phone calls went unanswered. She and her husband used a spare key to enter Muhe’s house.

“The dogs were right here with her. They actually ran to the door and then they ran back to where she was, like showing us she was there,” Jacobs told KABC.

Jacobs believes the dogs saved her friend’s life.

“Because of her injuries and the time she spent laying on the floor and dehydrating, and being with her Parkinson’s, we probably would have lost her,” she told KABC.

Muhe, who has had two surgeries on her shoulder since the incident, said she had no doubt her Golden Retrievers would do the same thing if it happened again.

“My guardians, yes,” she said.

KABC reporter Leo Stallworth — who said he was going to go home and hug his own two dogs — said Muhe had just one request: “Love our pets.”


Laura Goldman

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