Extreme Makeover: Lucky Pup Survives Spill Into Hot Tar

dog covered in tarIt took three hours over two days, but kind-hearted and tenacious volunteers in India were finally able to remove much of the tar that completely covered a 5-month-old dog, leaving him stiff and stuck to the ground.

The stray pup had somehow managed to fall into a pool of hot tar at a construction site in Udaipur.

“A passerby saw him struggling and called our helpline,” wrote Animal Aid Unlimited in the caption for a video of the rescue posted Sept. 27 on YouTube.

Using vegetable oil and a lot of elbow grease, the team of rescuers was able to successfully scrub enough of the tar off of the dog so he was no longer stuck to the ground. He was taken to an animal shelter, where it took a few more days to completely remove all the tar.

When the dog, who they called Tar Baby, arrived at the shelter, “he was petrified and breathing heavily,” Claire Abrams, of Animal Aid Unlimited, told CNN. Based on the video, the lucky dog has been completely transformed, and not just in looks.

Here’s the video…talk about an extreme makeover!

Photo via YouTube

Laura Goldman

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